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The Prophecy of the Thrice-Born Man
by Robert Gaspari  US United States

June 14, 2020   |    1,343 reads    |   0 comments

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NORMALISH: The Prophecy of the Thrice-Born Man by Robert Gaspari. Book coverJonah died twice in the same horrible car accident that killed his wife. They doctors brought him back to life both times. Jo discovered afterward he could see and speak with his dead wife. That wasn’t normal, so he called himself NORMALISH instead.

Jo and the spirit of his wife head south for a break after he heals. They stop is an unknown town off a random interstate exit. A serial killer stalks its citizens and their only saving grace lies in the prophecy of the gypsy psychic, Madame Ouspenski. The murdered seer predicted the arrival of the thrice-born man and his familiar to defeat the supernatural murderer that hides in plain sight. Some in the town believe Jo fits the description as the thrice-born man and the spirit of his ever-present wife is his familiar.

Jo and the ghost of his wife, Becca join the fight against the killer here on the earth and in the astral planes above. Together, they try and do the right thing to end the murderous reign of terror wrought by an ancient evil hiding in plain sight.

Author's Note: 

I always root for the underdog. Jo is a broken man that draws strength strength for the faith of those around him. He grows into the man they believe in despite his self-doubt. I try to provide positive character growth as he steps up and into the challenge against a far superior adversary.


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