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The Healing Powers of Sleep

Strategies for Reclaiming and Improving Your Sleep
by Anthony Glenn  US United States

March 8, 2020   |    506 reads    |   0 comments

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The Healing Powers of Sleep - Book coverWhat if only a few changes to your habits and life routine could dramatically improve your sleep and life satisfaction?
Amazon bestselling author Anthony Glenn presents the remarkable findings of the impact of sleep on our health and how to incorporate healing tips for a good night’s rest into our lives. Based on his expertise of over 15 years of working with clients, as well as his personal experience of transformation from a sufferer of insomnia and panic attacks to a perfectly healthy and fulfilled individual, Anthony answers the question: how can sleep hygiene impact our physical and mental health?

You’ll discover:
 - Why we sleep
 - What happens during sleep
 - What a lack of sleep does to your mind and body
 - How sleep deprivation affects your thinking and physical health
 - Sleep and mental illness
 - Sleep and weight gain
 - Sleeping hygiene (before going to bed)
 - What you should avoid before bedtime
 - Food and drinks for better sleep
 - How to customize your sleeping environment
 - Tips and tricks for better z’s
 - The Navy SEAL technique and how to practice it
 - What to do if nothing helps
 - Bonus chapter: Make friends with your mornings

Open your eyes to the importance of sleep. This manual of easy-to-follow advice can be applied to your case with life-changing results.

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