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JUNE 2021  .  Issue No. 1



Featured Listings



by Kola Ademuwagun

Ivieka tells the tale of a beautiful land in the distant past that was brutally invaded, mindlessly desecrated, and audaciously raped. Set in the old African Kingdom of Benin - the city of blood where Olokun reigned supreme - and modern Lagos, Ivieka tells the story of the violation of a people’s oldest and most sacred place and the theft of an ancestral crown jewel destined never to leave the land famous for her beautiful arts as well as her blood sacrifices ...

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Your Next Big Idea

by Samuel Sanders

Do you ever look at a business or invention and wonder, “How did they come up with that?” Your Next Big Idea tackles that question by teaching you an innovative idea-development process. The book is designed to be interactive, with each section featuring exercises and information that will challenge your perspective ...

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Your Next Big Idea


Free Books & Deals

Hidden SecretsHidden Secrets by Chantal Bellehumeur

Book is a FREE download on Smashword, Barnes and Noble and Indigo (Kobo). It will also be available for FREE on Amazon from May 31 - June 5 2021.

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Monthly Digest

The Other Hamlet Brother

by Luke Swanson

Fiction > Humor


Unsocial Media: Breaking Free from the Shackles of Social Media

by Calvin Robbins

Non Fiction > Technology


Pirates, Scoundrels, and Saints: PARAISO: Book One

by Timothy Grant Acker

Fiction > Action & Adventure



by Robert Gaspari

Fiction > Science Fiction


You Know What I Should Have Said?

by Diana Davin

Non Fiction > Self Help


The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Event Ushering Agency

by Utibe Samuel Mbom

Non Fiction > Business & Money


The Pumpkin Who Dared to Dream

by A.E. Wilman

Fiction > Children


Popularity Rules

by Shamika Lindsay

Fiction > Action & Adventure



by Ferleen Verneuil Joseph

Non Fiction > Self Help


News for Authors

KDP announced that paperback printing was launched in Australia on May 19, 2021. Taken into consideration that printing costs are different in every marketplace, all authors using KDP and have titles available in print, are advised to adjust their books list prices for to better estimate their royalties.

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