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Prepare to unlock your imagination with 156 pages of amazing activities designed to release your creativity, encourage mindfulness and boost your positivity! You Are A Unicorn is packed with awesome prompts that will help you write, doodle, create and clip-clop your way to happiness. What will it reveal about you? There’s only one way to find out.


You Are A Unicorn - Book cover
by / NZ New Zealand

This is a story about two young men from different worlds. Tyson is from the rough streets of Trentan, Joey from the affluent northern suburbs. The worlds of these two young men collide through a chance encounter, and as a result, they begin to question their life situations. This connection sparks a shared journey of self-development; one which brings about necessary changes for both men.


Tyson & Joey: Two Worlds Collide - Book Cover
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This incredible collection of quotes and sayings from the best guitar players on the planet will both inspire and motivate you in life and music! Gain new insight into their methods, motivations and miraculous musicianship. Pause to reflect on new perspectives and intriguing insights on the struggles, surprises, and joys of guitar playing.


Guitar Quotes: Inspiration from the World's Best Players - Book Cover
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Why does success always seem to be so elusive — just beyond your reach? The answer isn’t just trying harder, getting more education, or trying to play the corporate games. Sustained happiness and success in all ten categories of life Including Relationships, Career, Family, Friends, Finances, Health, Life Balance and more, can be yours, if only you know some of the secrets that are already working for others.


Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets (book) by Maria McMahon
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A young mother and wife of a naval aviator longs for a white Christmas, and she doesn't mean yet another white Christmas beach near where her husband is stationed. Grateful for a recent promotion that should keep her man stateside, Liv eagerly anticipates the first family Christmas in several years with her husband, daughter, and extended family.


Pieces on Earth (book) by Cathy Bryant
by / US United States

Jeff Galloway is a successful young attorney, recently dumped by his ambitious girlfriend. Despite his professional achievements, questions from the past haunt him. His father has been in prison for almost 30 years, and his mother doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Then Jeff happens to run into Melanie, a soft-hearted idealist who wants to change the world. As Jeff begins to realize Melanie is the girl of his dreams, she tries to help him forgive his father’s long absence.


Evidence Not Seen (book) by Carlene Havel
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Basic Cornerstones is my first published work! It is a book baked in prayer that attempts to share healthy doses of God's word (Biblical cornerstones) with wives to help them build and maintain strong and Godly marriages. I share a few personal experiences but not enough to distract or shift the focus of the book: which is to implement prayer and God's word in primary and practical ways.


Ishshahs: Basic Cornerstones for Marriage (book) by Celena Owens
by / US United States

She’s a wounded girl serving up trouble. He’s a pastor’s kid bent on serving God. But can they find a glimmer of hope for a future together? From the moment Jack O’Bryen kissed the sixteen-year-old tomboy next door, he knew he would love her forever. Lacey Carmichael was everything he’d ever wanted—intelligent, warm, and brimming with life, the perfect complement to his serious and sensible self.


A Glimmer of Hope (book) by Julie Lessman
by / LK Sri Lanka

This Ultimate Personal Transformation Guide will show you how to achieve more in life with everyday simple positive changes. With these 30 simple ways, you will have more love, happiness and better relationships in your life.


Personal Transformation (book) by Sanath Dasanayaka
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My own little contribution to the sixties student protests, was to protest that HG Wells was a sociologist. They were'nt having it. I found out recently, neither was the British government, which didnt give him a sociology post. (Mercifully, considering the literary masterpieces he was to come up with.) Later, I gradually discovered his then forgotten contributions to electoral reform.


Radical! (book) by Richard Lung