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My very special Spiritual Ark, now coming to all whom are but seeking her. She has been blessed with my four original books of quotations woven into one new book. All pages have been individually designed one by one. The cover designed for her name, an invisible ark with an invisible time machine talking about the enchanted journey of timeless quotations. Hold on to this book as a blessing from the enchanted words.


by / GB United Kingdom

101 Quotations with thought-provoking comments is a book of over 100 outstanding quotations ... oh, okay, let's be realistic, there's way more than 101, but I just loved that title! There are the 101 main quotations, and probably just as many others, and the fact of the matter is most of them just slipped past me when I was focusing on the main text (you know quotations, they can be so persistent!).


101 Inspiring Quotations - Book cover
by / ZW Zimbabwe

There are certain building blocks used to achieve extraordinary results as well as success. These building blocks have been used through time, certain principles have been forgotten, but those principles still hold relevance today. The building blocks consist of strategies that enable people to understand their why, find their potential and leave behind a legacy. As the world has gotten more technological advanced, we have found ourselves playing fiddle to everyone's tune and letting go of our dreams.


Project Domino Effect - Book cover
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It is unique and evidence, based on that can help millions find alternative solutions to the stress and emotional difficulties they are experiencing without addictive and toxic medications. As I am sure you are aware, the inability to focus, be happy or feel relaxed has become an epidemic in our country resulting in the devastating consequences of chronic disorders and dysfunction.


Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

Robert is a successful entrepreneur, with a thriving business portfolio and a lifestyle that enables him and his family to live the life of freedom that he had always desired. While hosting a party for his daughter’s 8th birthday, he begins to reminisce on the stages of her life so far, and realises the enlightening similarities and synergies with his entrepreneurial journey.


The Child In The Entrepreneur - Book cover
by / US United States

Love is the one thing so many of us desire to have in our lives, and yet, it is the one thing we so often fail to achieve. Sometimes we think we have to do or say something to earn someone's love when what we fail to realize is that love, first and foremost, comes from God. Every kind of love we feel and share with others is a result of our spiritual connection to a power much greater and stronger than all of us.


Magical Love Messages Between Kindred Spirits - Book cover
by / US United States

Max Smith, a strong but slender boy of sixteen, is the designated Hero of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the only remaining metropolis in the U.S. that has withstood the force of the mafia government, and it is rapidly going downhill. When President Newbert Pockethand took control of the U.S. government in the year 2030, he turned what had been a democracy into an anarchic dictatorship.


The Hero of Los Angeles - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

At last, a story for the fast-moving modern technology age that reminds us all to stay HUMAN! A lonely boy discovers an incredible Robot in his garden shed. A silent and highly gifted girl chooses to be alone in her attic bedroom. The richest man in the world mysteriously disappears. It all waits to be discovered in THE LONELIEST ROBOT, a brilliant new novel for the modern technological age which features original illustrations from acclaimed robot artist, Matt Dixon.


The Loneliest Robot - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

Prepare to unlock your imagination with 156 pages of amazing activities designed to release your creativity, encourage mindfulness and boost your positivity! You Are A Unicorn is packed with awesome prompts that will help you write, doodle, create and clip-clop your way to happiness. What will it reveal about you? There’s only one way to find out.


You Are A Unicorn - Book cover
by / NZ New Zealand

This is a story about two young men from different worlds. Tyson is from the rough streets of Trentan, Joey from the affluent northern suburbs. The worlds of these two young men collide through a chance encounter, and as a result, they begin to question their life situations. This connection sparks a shared journey of self-development; one which brings about necessary changes for both men.


Tyson & Joey: Two Worlds Collide - Book Cover


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