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The Smoothie Cleanse Book

by Emma Green  US United States

July 15, 2020   |    385 reads    |   0 comments

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The Smoothie Cleanse Book - Book coverDo you know why smoothies have become more and more popular among hipsters, nutritionists, and people who want to lose weight? It just can't be a coincidence, because this delicious and healthy drink is like a modern elixir of life, and you don't even need a Philosopher's Stone to make it! All you need is a blender, some fresh foods, and some good recipes - so when you stumbled upon this book - it was a hit!

This book will help you to:
• Lose weight during the 10-day smoothie cleanse diet
• Change your eating habits, forget about empty foods
• Replace the toxins in your body with healthy nutrients
• Improve your digestion and microbiota
• Naturally bring your hormones into balance  
• Think and sleep better
• Stay fit and nourished

So it can be like the beginning of a whole new life!

This book offers you more than 70 recipes of different smoothies and snacks intended for a safe and healthy diet, information and instructions on how to cleanse and more! Go on to lose weight after a 10-day diet and see how easy it is or just enjoy your drinks! Anyway, we are sure that you won't be left disappointed!


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