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DECEMBER 2023  .  Issue No. 31


Featured Listings


The Sisters

by Ruth O'Neill

Ava Cressman’s life takes a twisted turn after her divorce from Spencer. Seeking comfort, she falls into the arms of a mysterious man named Joel Carney, a former college acquaintance. However, when Joel meets Ava’s sister, Tanya, an unsettling connection sparks between them.

Tanya, seemingly innocent, invites Ava and her twin sister, Belle, on a secluded trip to a remote lodge. From the moment they arrive, an ominous atmosphere hangs in the air, hinting at a hidden darkness beneath the surface.

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The Sisters

Where's Chuckawalla Bill's Cabin?

by Kevin Heaton

In, "Where's Chuckawalla Bill's Cabin?", Kevin Heaton recounts the harrowing details of attempting to survive the countless perils of the California Hi-Desert Wilderness. His poetic prose, and artful use of metaphor bring each arduous step of this eventful journey brilliantly to life for every reader. Heaton is not likely to make it, but you find yourself cheering for him that he does!

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Dark Energy

China Conquers Taiwan

by Ted Halstead

If China uses enough firepower to overwhelm Taiwan’s defenses, will what is left be worth having?                
China’s leader has now decided the answer is - yes.                
But Taiwan will only be the beginning. Once its absorption is complete, China has other ambitions.                
Like the return of about one million square kilometers seized from China by Russia in the 1860s.                
Russia knows this. But it still depends on money from sales of oil and gas to China for most of its export earnings. So it can do nothing to stop China’s conquest of Taiwan.

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Dark Energy

Dark Energy

by Tom Boles

Brad Willis is an unlikely investigator, and an even less likely spy.

He is a scientist, not a hero, but when it comes to finding technical solutions, there is none better. That’s how MI6 uses him; that’s how he lands himself in trouble.

Members of the scientific community around the world are being systematically murdered, and for no obvious reason. Who is killing them and why?

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Dark Energy




God Is The Jelly To My Peanut Butter - New Release

by Donna M. Kshir


Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Easy Recipes for Beginners - New Release

by Sabrina Dazington

Kids Are Chefs, Too Cookbook - New Release

by Donna M. Kshir


Education & Teaching


by Donna M. Kshir



Spirit of the Mist 

by Janeen O'Kerry



Sampson and Son - New Release

by Maggie Williams Richmond


Horror & Paranormal

Madness From the Sea - New Release

by Jonathon T. Cross


Love & Relationships

I got roses today...

by Donna M. Kshir



Heaven Sent, Heaven Meant - New Release

by Donna M. Kshir


Religion and Spirituality

Conversations With Colton - New Release

by Julie Catania-Shady



Maiden of the Winds 

by Janeen O'Kerry


Self Help

Digital Minimalism Unplugged - New Release

by Matt Santi

The Art Of Loving Myself - New Release

by Antonio Liranzo




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