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MARCH 2022  .  Issue No. 10



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A Decade of Desire

by Charles Dyson

A Decade of Desire tells the erotic experiences of a man whose imaginations are no longer restricted by the rules of ‘The Office’. A collection of over 18 uncensored short stories that describe amorous role-play exploits.

After 15 years of corporate office life, Charlie Doyle's kinky fantasies revolve around 'The Boss and Mistress' role plays which always lead to his 'Sexy Secretary' being disciplined in a number of office scenarios.

The character conversations in the book heat up the readers passion, arousing lust using simple language that will get a lover of good romance absorbed all through the reading.

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A Decade of Desire

The House on Dundas and Vine

by Ricky Dale

The true story of flesh and blood individuals laid to rest in the tobacco fields of Erie County, or floating down the Niagara river. It is a mesmerising tale about somewhat ordinary people doing extraordinary things in a quite ordinary way!

True stories within a story unfurl in this beautiful and often amusing account of a curiously powerful and changing love that refuses to be quashed or compromised.

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The House on Dundas and Vine

Revelation Explained

by K.J. Soze

Revelation Explained answers the most difficult prophetic questions about the last days of the age we live in.

Who is the Antichrist? What is Mystery Babylon? What is the Mark of the Beast? When is the Great Tribulation Period? Is the Rapture Mentioned in Revelation? Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation Period? What is the Sequence of Events in the Book of Revelation?

The solutions to these difficult topics are derived from the original Old Testament prophecies brought forth to the end of the New Testament.

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Revelation Explained News

We have expanded and improved our commenting system on book pages. Now readers can write book reviews and make starred ratings in addition to leaving comments to start discussions.

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Monthly Digest

A Wretch Like Me

by Heidi Cuda & Marcia Fritz

Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies


Ratchet Street

by Abhik Gulati

Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers


Little Monster's Book of Feelings

by Iveta Ongley

Fiction > Children


Destiny of Liberty

by Mwanandeke Kindembo

Non Fiction > Politics & Social Sciences


Mind Gardens

by Charles Stoll

Fiction > Science Fiction


Living Green and the smoke

by Florian Bushy

Fiction > Children


Vale of Mist

by Michael Kilgallon

Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers


PACOYMA - First Contact Landing

by Robert Gaspari

Fiction > Science Fiction



by Freya Pickard

Fiction > Poetry