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Have you ever prayed for something of major importance and gotten no answer? Or worse, a no? In "Do You Trust Me?" Jessica Johnson deals with the impact that unanswered prayers and major disappointments have on a person's faith and ability to trust God. Hopefully after reading this very personal account, you will find that there is a reason to fully trust the Lord!


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Miranda Wilkins is a school secretary. She is thrilled when Paul Green walks into her life. The handsome gym coach is everything she wants in a man--except for one problem. He's stopped trusting in a loving God. As she attempts to persuade Paul to trust, her own faith is tested.

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Thoughts Influence Power Snippets is a journey to appreciate the beauty of life and strengthen the power within. Thoughts Influence Power Snippets is a love story between a mother and daughter, with the reader becoming the lead character journeying within for love, hope and happiness.

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Self-improvement book. Today, we are confronted with more choices about how to live our lives and develop careers than ever before. Repeatedly, we are thrown into situations where we have to reinvent our professional, personnel, and relationship lines, redefining who we are and where we want to go.


Change Your Future, Now! (book) by Germain Decelles
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Communication, trust, love and sex are some of the most important elements in a relationship. We have faced an issue in at least one of those elements and not sure where to stand. We are misled by television as to what life should and will offer, we match our relationships with others and often that sets us back.


Ask Jason: Answers to Relationships Boldest Questions
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The idea behind this book is to have fun whilst hopefully gaining a better understanding and knowledge of your new loved one. There are six categories of questions ranging from mild to potentially quite intrusive (so beware).


101 Questions to Ask Your New Love (ibook) Andrew Mewes
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One day I unlocked the mystery of happiness. I remember being provoked and my endurance stressed beyond any human self-control mechanism but instead of flaring up, I actually started smiling to myself and chuckling. It didn’t make sense at first why I was smiling. In fact I didn’t even know. But after some time a consciousness awoke in me. I knew I was hurt but despite being hurt I was still happy.


Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy
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Have you ever wondered if you're on the right path? If you're doing what you should be doing with your time? Sure" we all have, and if you haven't - perhaps you should! Raymond Shinault shares about the importance of getting clear on what you want in life and how to accomplish it by choosing to do it through purposeful living.


Living Your Life's Purpose (book) by Raymond Shinault
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In 1969 Municipal Judge Robert Steele of Euclid, Ohio conspired with a pimp to hire a hit man to murder his wife. For eight years Carol J. Kilbane-Byler was engulfed in this dark, tempestuous conspiracy. She knew the details of the murder and was labeled a “central figure” in the murder trial.


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This rare and honest first-person account looks at 21st century romance, marriage with children, and divorce from a regular guy’s perspective. The colorful and addictive narrative delves deep into spousal abuse, the hopeless place in which a father finds himself during divorce, new beginnings, and his ordeal’s significance in retrospect.



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