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Find great business books to read. This books directory include books written by talented authors and writers from all around the world that cover a variety of topics related to business, management and marketing.
by John F. Dini / US United States

Hunting in a Farmer’s World celebrates the differences that drive entrepreneurs. It is filled with the stories of real business owners who overcame real challenges; including those that accompany success. From the ambition that captures an entrepreneur and drives him to take the plunge of starting up, to the unexpected pitfalls of runaway success, Hunting in a Farmer’s World examines why business owners are different from the people who work for them.


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by Karen Banes / GB United Kingdom

The freelance writing guide that provides tips for freelance writers at all stages of their writing career. Get a tip a week for a year, or use them all at once. Covering everything a freelance writer needs to know, from how to find markets, to time management, to managing your online presence.


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by Shannon Sonneveldt / US United States

In today’s global work environment where an increasing number of people work remotely or from home, the need for live virtual (synchronous) training solutions is growing. Effective facilitation of virtual training sessions is critical to the success of the training resulting in improved skills and performance.


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by Charlie Gilkey / US United States

Learn which steps to take at the right time to grow your small business. Here's the deal: small businesses - including microbusinesses - have a lifecycle that's different than the lifecycles of other kinds of businesses. If you're a small business owner, you probably started your business because there was some particular product you wanted to build or service you wanted to provide and you've probably figured out that having a successful small business takes more than having a great product or great service.


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by Antony Welfare / GB United Kingdom

For every retailer that wishes to learn how to achieve their potential in Retail. The Retail Handbook – follows a logical 11 part journey that centres around, and begins with, the Customer. Based on 20 years of experience and a number of different retail businesses, this handbook will guide you through the journey to make your business customer focused.


The Retail Handbook: Helping You Achieve Your Potential in Retail


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Red Rover, Perdition Games

Red Rover, Perdition Games (book) by L.E. Fraser
by L.E. Fraser