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It isn’t natural to bury your child, but life doesn’t always follow the natural way. Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent’s Journey is a story of every parent’s worst nightmares, the death of a child. Kristina Widener shares her journey of grief after losing her youngest child to SIDS, her emotions, memories, and how she has coped with it all. “Welcome to my journey.


Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent's Journey (book) by Kristina Widener
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Literary Liberties with reality allow us to do the impossible of being other people from all over the world. Just as this world may be only one of many, that we cannot reach, a human version of the many worlds theory may be made a fact thru fiction. This is a book of books or illustrated reviews spanning fiction, faction and non-fiction. It goes some way to substantiate the belief of Benedetto Croce that history is the history of liberty.


Literary Liberties. (book) by Richard Lung
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A gentle and generous soul, with a quiet and sunny disposition, well liked by many, and more radical than most, a deeply serious human being, with an over-worked conscience, who I once told was a monster of honesty. This was Dorothy, the solace of the friendless, the maker, who made a maker out of me, in her own letters, unshadowed by thoughts of publication.


Echoes Of A Friend (book) by Richard Lung
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This is the autobiography of my life. At the age of 18 I was on trial for one of the biggest murder cases in Monroe county, Pa history. I had been living with a psychopath and did not know it. On the sixth night I had moved in with him he murdered, beat, strangled, and raped the 60 year old female who owned the apartments we lived at.


AY9581 Life In and Out (book) by Mark W. Faler
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At seventeen, Jennie Goutet has a dream that she will one day marry a French man and sets off to Avignon in search of him. Though her dream eludes her, she lives boldly—teaching in Asia, studying in Paris, working and traveling for an advertising firm in New York.


Stars Upside Down (book) by Jennie Goutet
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This book is a memoir, a collection of short accounts of happenings in our lives from the day we met and into the early years of our marriage. In between accounts, we share candid takes of what we thought or learnt through a particular happening or event.

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Love's Chronicle - Book cover
by / KW Kuwait

An author's memoir of a life clouded in mystery, fear, and illusion followed by a feature length story of a Man lost in Hell searching for the key to his freedom. The Void is a psychedelic journey through the mystery of perception.


The Void (book) by Tarek Al Duaij
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One bit of luck I had was to meet Dorothy Cowlin, who is the Dorothy of the book, Dates And Dorothy. I had studied English literature, mainly poetry, at sixth form college, as it would now be called, but her writing and reciting her own verse brought a new kind of poetry, mood poetry, alive to me.


Dates and Dorothy (book) by Richard Lung.
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He was my grandad, a Yorkshire farmer, who worked all hours that the good light sends, except sundays. And his three-time holidays - those being his exciting trips to France, where his expert digging abilities were put to the utmost use, while he was being shot at, and wounded, between return trips.


The Valesman (book) by Richard Lung
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Everybody needs to run away from home at least once. Susan Corbett told people she was out to save the world, but really she was running — running from her home as much as to anywhere. Like many women, she was searching for meaning to her life or for a good man to share it with. In Africa, she hoped to find both.


In the Belly of the Elephant (book) by Susan Corbett


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I Am Love: Looking for Love

I Am Love: Looking for Love (book) by Raymond Sturgis
by Raymond Sturgis