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by / US United States

His family’s wealth has evaporated, and now serendipity is all Evan Kail can salvage from his riches to rags nightmare. He’s been chasing a screenwriting dream, and he’s put everything on the line to attain it. So when a new phenomenon called “Rideshare” enters his market in Minneapolis, Kail seeks an opportunity which he believes will allow time to pursue his calling. His only item of value, a BMW sports car purchased in the glory days of wealth, affords him a down payment on a used luxury sedan.


Ubered: My Life As A Rideshare Driver - Book cover
by / DE Germany

Since many years Ilona is working secretly and part-time as a prostitute in the clubs near her German rural hometown. She enjoys her work, the quick way to earn money, and would quite like to work full-time in this business. – But the secrecy she has to maintain is becoming a strain on her. Because she also dreams since her childhood of living by the sea in a mild sunny climate, she asks herself at the age of 42 if this should all have been just a dream…?


Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Book cover
by / US United States

We only learned about our father's girlfriend after he became deathly ill and lay in a coma 120 miles from our home. Dad recovered, but the marriage ailed, as did Linda, with cancer. Our family began to move down an entirely different path with silver linings we wouldn't see for many years. Our family had tilted.


Tilting, A Memoir - Book cover
by / US United States

Join Jean Koning in this stunning, poignant and often hilarious roller-coaster-ride through the world of men! After having been send to his doctor by Partner—the voice of reason—Jean finds himself being diagnosed with skin-cancer. Armed with his unquestionable wit, and his stunningly absurd worldview—often through his love/hate relationship with the internet—he goes on an extremely funny, touching and illuminating quest to find a way to deal with all this sudden physical and mental pain.


Twelve Step Charlie - Book cover
by / US United States

A compelling memoir of one woman's journey to hell and back. Homeless and struggling on the streets of Los Angeles, the author falls prey to the deadly disease of drug addiction and the lifestyle that goes with it. At 18, she left the love and security of her family for something that she thought would be a bit more exciting.


Sweet Melissa Ignorance is not Bliss - Book cover
by / IE Ireland

TWO sons TOO many is a memoir of the life and times of Aidan McNally. The message is not in any way simple as he has found the will to live through adversity and life challenges time and time again. Some could argue his early years are all his own making while he simply just gets on with it. To overcome and adapt to changing one's character, Aidan is quite the inspiration and we can fall for him quite easily through his adventurous years.


TWO sons TOO many - Book cover
by / US United States

An unimaginable story spanning over two decades. A father and his daughter, Sarah, are subjected to a mental and emotional war conducted by the mother, Kaitlyn. Forced to endure her narcissistic, sociopathic behaviors, Sarah and her father struggle to maintain and enjoy their relationship.


TEAR - Book cover
by / US United States

Author Paz Ellis takes readers on a cross-cultural and trans-generational journey through her childhood in New Jersey to adulthood with Plantains and the 7 Plagues, A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban and Full Life. Paz insightfully describes, the complexities and contradictions of growing up in the United States to a Dominican mother and a Cuban father.deeply heartfelt.


Plantains and the 7 Plagues - Book cover
by / AU Australia

Designed to show the world how this child survived in a genocide. Sonita Zainal, when only a young girl from age five, lived for four years of uncertain childhood with unbelievable grit and determination. She endured and survived the horrendous Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. This little girl lost her beloved father, when only six years old. Already a victim of opportunistic abuse, she became a child slave in a zone of barbaric atrocities.


Live to Tell - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

`This is a life where you have to take what you can when you can while you can - because you can't take it with you.' Ealing Broadway. 42 and bankrupt, the consequence of highly dysfunctional parents who insist he's adopted. `Life's a balance of one’s expectations and the budget available,' he says and he was on a pretty tight budget both financially and emotionally already. `My economic "outlook" must not look good. I’d spent most of my money on booze, drugs and Eastern European prostitutes. Why? Well, for one thing, Eastern European prostitutes are a lot better educated than the local prostitutes from the West.


The Sundial Salesman - Book cover


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