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Looking for a great poetry book to read? Looking for poems for the heart and soul? This directory of poetry books written by talented poets will satisfy all tastes and readers. Whether you are searching for poetry and prose collection about life, the world, friends, relationships, romance and love, you will find it all in here at humanmade.net


by Robert Segarra / US United States

Heaven by Robert Segarra is a poem about ideals. It is a poem about the ideals we can all aspire to, whether they be societal or human in nature. It is an especially subjective poem that means different things to different individuals reading it.


Heaven - a poem by Robert Segarra
by Joshua Ebert / US United States

A short collection of dark free-verse poetry on such themes as homicide, missing-persons cases, guilt, abuse, blame, estrangement, grief, trauma, dead family pets, classic cinema, violence in the media, mental health, and anger. In an observant and precise manner, the poet describes the hidden horrors of modern society.


Gutter Sludge - Book Cover
by Syeda F R / IN India

A book that brings the feelings of Love and Pain, through verses. None of us have been untouched by love, or by pain. What better way to express love and the pain it brings in words and lines, with a rhythm!


Love & Pain ... in verses (book) by Syeda F R
by Kristy Rulebreaker / HR Croatia

"Indestructible & Other Poems" is the second poetry collection by Kristy Rulebreaker. It describes life multicolored as it is, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. It's about people, places, hate, love, justice, nature, etc. The most of all, it's about freedom and courage. It encourages you, no matter how hard the life is, to stay indestructible.


Indestructible & Other Poems (book) by Kristy Rulebreaker
by Joshua Ebert / US United States

With dark, sparse language, feminist poet Joshua Ebert writes of her experiences with love, sex, and the expectations of society. She uses a humorous "fictional confessional poetry" style, dancing with the topic of truth vs. fiction. She is often very bleak. Manipulating the truth and illustrating it in vivid metaphor, Ms. Ebert writes of a difficult relationship as the Berlin Wall.


The Moon Is Always Bisexual (book) by Joshua Ebert
by Jennifer Johnson / US United States

This collection, by now seasoned veteran in independent poetry Jennifer Johnson, is a beautifully, tastefully, artistically, crafted story of dealing with sadness and pain and rising out of it stronger and wiser. The pieces within are intimate, vulnerable, and brave (which has become a staple for this emotional poet) and paint an emotional mental picture for the reader in a sobering way.


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by Jennifer Johnson / US United States

Do you ever just stop and either space out on your own thoughts or look at strangers musing over what they're thinking? The first part of this book is just like stepping into Jennifer Johnson's random thoughts and getting to just explore someone else's mind. It's fascinating!


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by A R Tranter / GB United Kingdom

This author has been described as a cross between Victor Meldrew and Karl Pilckington put into verse. His book however is not for the faint hearted, it's often hilarious but also often not, some of the subject matter can be disturbing as well as revealing. The author lifts the lid on many of life’s darker moments and taboo’s and brings them to the fore in his own no hold barred way.


Howling At The Moon - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Kristy Rulebreaker / HR Croatia

"The Poems Choose Me" is the collection of 100 short poems written in 2014. As the title says, they really choose me, so I never know about what I will write the next. I hope to encourage people with my words. I like to write about freedom, and against injustice. Sometimes, I even write the love poems. As English is not my native language, without my editor Fred Robel I couldn't publish it. He patiently corrected my grammar mistakes.


The Poems Choose Me - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Marc Mullo / CA Canada

This first and only book release thus far in my writing career encapsulates my favourite literary genre, poetry, and the tales that every piece can tell on its own. A modest collection of compositions, that cover everything from 9-11 to Emotions Anonymous International. This literary creation expresses my fine talent, as only I can describe and depict each person, place, or thing. My initial inspiration in my writing journey, was the tragic day of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 in New York City, and the horrific events that took place in the downtown core and very heart of the "Big Apple".


Poetic Potpourri - Book Image Did Not Load!


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The Sundial Salesman

The Sundial Salesman - Book cover
by Chassis Albuquerque