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This book is about marriage from a Christian perspective. It is written in a succinct style with eight pages allotted to each chapter, listed as follows: 1. Happiness or Holiness? 2. The Marriage Partnership 3. The Sanctity of Sex 4. The Family Altar 5. The Language of Love 6. Marriage @ Work 7. The Mystery of Marriage 8. Putting the Pieces Together 9. Salt and Pepper

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The Marriage Puzzle - Book cover
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"Can I personally know God?" It’s a big question. In fact, if the answer is, “yes", then it’s the biggest question that one can ask. In this book, we’ll answer “yes” and take a friendly look at many of the common questions that people have when it comes to God. For example: “Is Jesus the only way to know God and go to Heaven?” “Can’t I get to Heaven by living a good life?” “Will God Really Accept Me?” “How Can I Know God Personally?” Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s begin.


Let's Meet God (book) by Christopher Hearn
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The value of this book lies in its heartfelt simplicity. In it are prayers I've written for each week of the year, along with eighteen prayers from saints in history and the Bible. I have seen the results of these prayers in my own life. You'll find that they are easy to read and full of insight, and that they go straight to the heart.


Book of 70 Prayers (book) by Jason E. Royle
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If you are searching for an unbiased, uncomplicated overview of the end times, this book is for you. When finished reading it, you will go away better prepared to talk about what you know and what you believe about the end times.


The Rapture: Misunderstood (book) by Jason E. Royle
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Spiritualism is one of the greatest mysteries in life. What it means, how we access it, what power it holds, who am I, what is my purpose on earth, what happens after death, what is God like, what is a yogi, what does spirituality actually means. With A Transcendental Yogi Life, With Eternal Stories, we will delve deep into the life of Yogi’s who lived amongst us and left an impact that would ripple throughout years to come.


A Transcendental Yogi Life: With Eternal Stories (book) by Sumit Singh
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KLEPTOMANIAC, Who's Really Robbing God Anyway is a trek through the pages of the Bible to find the untwisted truth about the centuries-old teachings on tithes and offerings. Every page of this book has information that will make you become an analyst in getting to the bottom line of what tithing is in the Old and New Testament.

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KLEPTOMANIAC: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? (book) by Frank Chase Jr
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The Battle of Identity" is all about how to regain our past glory, honor and authority to rule and reign over every circumstances around us, because man was created to have dominion and to excel in whatsoever he does, hence we're born to rule, but the setback can be recovered.


The Battle of Identity (book) by Emmanuel O. Afolabi
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Conspiracy theories, hidden codes, and secret societies are not the primary drivers behind today's moral breakdown and the apostasy of the Christian Church. The principle enemies of Christianity are spiritual strongholds and arguments that exalt themselves against Christ.


The Rise of Western Lawlessness (book) by C.W. Steinle
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"An Encounter with Yeshua, the Sequel" is the follow-up of "An Encounter with Yeshua" in which the author depicts her extraordinary encounter with Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) and the story of her Salvation.


An Encounter with Yeshua the Sequel (book) by Isabelle Esling
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Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies is a compilation of paranormal folklore and "non-fiction" stories from Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and North and South Carolina. A lot of famous ghost stories and hauntings updated with new information and findings along with obscure, highly disturbing stories you might not find elsewhere.


Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies (book) by Jeff Lawhead


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Inside The Midnight Hour

Inside The Midnight Hour - Book cover
by Allen Stanfill