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by Carol Shelton Moye / US United States

This book is a collection of reflections on the first fifty biblical Psalms in poetry and song lyrics, meant to inspire others and remind them of God's unfailing love.


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by Rev. Terry Christian / US United States

This book was not written, it was composed using only the words of Jesus so everyone would understand exactly “What Did Jesus Say”. The Seven Messages from the Master contain over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus as recorded and “outlined in red” in the New King James Bible. Each message will strengthen you and guide you to a most peaceful life in Christ Jesus.

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by Valentina Marie / US United States

This book is designed to help Lightworkers, Mystics, Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths, Indigos, Crystal Children, Bodyworkers, Nurses, Holistic Practitioners, and anyone seeking to stay on the path of Light, Love, and Truth. One is able to walk the path of righteousness in a world filled with negativity and chaos in the graces of the hands of God.


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by Michael Long / US United States

The Holy Spirit taught me how to gain spiritual worthiness and give glorification to God by using a ritual that would enable me to experience hunger, need, and gratitude. He taught me to face my inner demons and to accept responsibility for my actions. He encouraged me to go into the darkness of the jungle to face my fears.


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by Paul L Graves / US United States

Every Believer’s Authority is more than just an informative book written about such topics as authority, spiritual warfare, and the supernatural. Within the pages of this book, you will find a New Covenant biblical blueprint designed and inspired by God to educate and empower all believers to walk in their inherited authority as coheirs with Christ, through the infilling power of the Holy Spirit.


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by Godwin Ude / BG Bulgaria

In his book, The Other Woman, Dr. Godwin Ude, President of Kingdom Acts Foundation, President of Transformation Centre, and certified marriage counselor, offers some serious insight to the troubles that arise within a marriage but often go undetected because of their seemingly innocent nature.


The Other Woman (Book Cover)
by Taka Sande / ZA South Africa

This is a Christian book, giving the basic Christian life teaching. The book covers topics that include personal devotional life, who is God, what is the Bible, who is Jesus Christ, salvation, faith, baptism, prayer, fellowship, giving and charity. I ended the book with a topic on backsliding!


The Discipleship Series (book) by Taka Sande
by Dan Farish / US United States

If someone told you that they knew for a fact that none of us ever dies when our bodies do, would you believe them? According to the Seven Souls that wrote the words of this book, no one on earth truly believes in the afterlife until they wake up on the other side. The good news is it doesn't matter in the least.


Lighten Up - Messages From The Spirit World (book) by Dan Farish
by Kevo / US United States

Kevo explains the corruption that Government, Religion, and Education has caused on society. He defines reality as what it "really is", and gives a great mind opening example on how to identify the lies reality tells us all. The book is broke into 7 segments, and he begins each segment with an inspirational quote.


Reality Is Wrong (book) by Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe
by Terry Moore / US United States

Too many Christians are frustrated and confused in their relationship to Christ. Their minds have become dull, vulnerable, weak, depressed, and burdened with sin. Church programs, classes, activities haven't "cured" this problem. What is blocking the ability of our minds to process information with God-honoring thoughts and actions?

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