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At the age of 32, divorced and alone, I suddenly found myself in a deep depression. Never having experienced this before I didn't know how to cope, seeing my car keys I was going to drive off a cliff. The next morning I awoke and was scared with what I had felt. At that point I begged God for something to change.


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In the Cleft Joy Comes in the Mourning is a journey of the heart. Dana Goodman shares, with raw honesty, her pain, her triumphs and the unshakable hope she placed in God after her husband, son and mother-in-law died of cancer. Dana peels back her protective layers to give her readers a glimpse of the inward journey of mourning and how leaning into the pain can lead to healing.


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My new book "Jesus Is God-Surprised!" is a revelatory book which focuses on the undeniable and yet surprising truth that Jesus is God. It parallels the names, characteristics, and attributes of God the Father ,to that of His Son, Jesus Christ. You will be convinced from the scriptures, inspirationally mines from the Word of God and spoken directly by God the Father to His people in the bible that Jesus is more than the Son of God.


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David gathered 5 smooth stones to meet and defeat Goliath. What did these stones represent and how can you use them to conquer your Goliaths in your own personal quests? Ms. Virginia Bean will show you how. Travel with her on her own personal journey. See what she does. Learn how she grows. Discover what she becomes. "Conquering your Goliaths - A Parable of the Five Stones" is for anyone desiring to travel beyond mediocrity, pain and fear.


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This little book is meant to be a Mother's attempt at guiding her graduating teenager through some of the more common aspects of daily life. Among it's pages are quotes from a much more comprehensive guide, otherwise known as the Bible! God says to raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. God also urges parents to ensure that their children, like arrows from a quiver and placed in the bow-string, fly straight and true.


Mom's Little Black Book - Book Cover
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From Rio to Uman tells the amazing life story of a girl who was searching for the "real deal", the absolute true G-D. She grew up with the knowledge that there was something beyond that we can see or sense. Her life changed drastically when a prophetic dream came into fulfillment disclosing her Jewish background. This book reveals the mind-boggling Divine miracles which surrounded her life from the moment she was born till this very day.


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We all remember where we were that day. Just like the day Kennedy was shot or the day Pearl Harbor was attacked, we found that we were shocked together, we were angry together, we were sad together and we mourned together. Just like those days, September 11th, 2001 became a part of our National Memory. In his book, Einstein's Shutter, author Vincent Yanez wrote about those days and weeks following that day in September, but he never told the story of what he saw that day.


The Man In The Blue Tie - Book Cover
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You get from life what you have prepared to receive. A truly incredible life awaits you if you choose to prepare for it. You can vanquish stress, worry, fear, insecurity, depression, anxiety, sadness, pessimism, and hopelessness. You can fill your life with happiness, peace, confidence, optimism, hope, love, and contentment. You can experience success every day, be inspired and motivated by your accomplishments, and consistently advance towards your goals and dreams.


Happiness, Success, Peace and Purpose: A True Path - Book Cover
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We all wonder about questions like these. The problem is that we never seem to find the time to ponder them enough, and we spend most of our lives with a vacuum inside us that is yearning to be filled. A vacuum that is there, in our subconscious, demanding attention, but which we ignore because it is too difficult to face up to it. So we turn, instead, to the easy, sugar-coated answers like spiritualism, reincarnation, meditation, clairvoyance, and religious texts that were written a long time ago and which have been modified by persons unknown over a vast period of time.


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The Self Esteem Bible Scriptures book gently guides you through the issues of low self-esteem and shares with you the best scriptures to combat these feelings. You are created to be more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. That is easy to say, but the book shows you how with scripture reference.


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