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April 6, 2022  |  664 views  |  0 reviews / comments

CROF by Abhik Gulati. Short psychological adventure. Book cover'All work no play makes Mack a dull scientist'

A long-awaited vacation, an ordinary train ride, a strange call from a not-so-unfamiliar being.

The peaceful night takes a weird turn when our visitor finds an old cellphone ringing under his seat. Words are exchanged, something is going to take place. He couldn't let it go.

Someone is guiding him, spying on his every move, or maybe he is the one putting on an act! No answers, only questions appear at each new turn.

A short psychological adventure, depicted in a transcript style, follow Mack, our visitor, as he ventures through time and space to uncover secrets in a hope for a better future for him and his close ones.


Author's Notes

Thanks to anyone who read this short work.

What started as an off-topic discussion about an old phone, that one of my friends found under his seat while traveling, transformed into an all night exchange of bizarre conversations and possibilities, which after some alterations turned into a story.

Since it was written during the same time period as the other stories and it follows the same transcript style, I have decided it to add it to 'The Odd Hour Effort' collection.

Even though it's not much to offer in a book, I hope this work could spark the interest of someone reading it and that in turn would bring me joy.

You can share your stories or any personal feedback. I'll be happy to hear it.

Once again, thank you for your support and your feedback will be appreciated. 

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Just your average writer and artist wandering around the block. Interested mostly in mystery and horror genre. Have something to talk about? Feel free to drop a message.

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