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by / GB United Kingdom

Deep within a crevice lies an evil undoing that will lengthen the time we have to travel. So be ever watchful of those little things that unravel and complicate our lifespans. A catalogue of doings that envelope our being and keeps us from the knowing that is needed to escape the lives that we all have and mistakenly think is right, and as it should be ...


The Yellow Castle
by / US United States

The Legendary Graduate promotes the zest for life with poetry, from the perspective of an autistic man, Joseph D. Smith!


The Legendary Graduate
by / US United States

This book looks at the Father's plan for the Church and how we become the bride of Christ. It will help you discover what it means to be onebody in Christ and how each member of the body is equally important. It also looks at how the Great Commission is really fulfilled and what Jesus is waiting for before He returns.


And the Spirit and the Bride say "Come" Rev.22:17
by / US United States

Three women are called by God to save a man the world has forgotten . . . but God Hasn't!!!


His Calling!
by / US United States

At a time when most young girls spend their days dreaming of being a princess and playing with their baby dolls. Savannah and her siblings were living a nightmare, combined with sexual, physical and mental abuse at the hands of their mother’s husband who would forever be known as “Daddy”! ...


Daddy's Wives
by / US United States

In the gritty, far-future world they call Punktown, the city's health agents are charged with keeping the public safe from infectious disease and other biological threats. Between inter-planetary travel, super-mutant strains of bacteria and criminal genetic manipulation, they certainly keep busy.


Health Agent
by / MU Mauritius

I am a writer and author and researcher on Spiritual and Scientific research mainly on Arabic Letters and Numbers.


by / US United States

What would Hell be like -- 2,000 years after Earth's destruction? A young woman emerges from a catatonic state to find herself naked and devoid of memory, a centuries-long prisoner of an apocalyptic battle between formerly human Angels, rebel bands of the Damned, and monstrous Demons of every description ...


The Fall of Hades
by / US United States

Imperfect Vengeance What begins as an innocents walk home from school turns into unforgivable tragedy. And the lives of three young men, their family and friends will forever be altered by their actions on that afternoon in Blytheville. Vengeance is a powerful force, perfect or imperfect you will be the judge.


Imperfect Vengeance
by / US United States

Follow the analysis of Author and Researcher Anthony F. Sanchez into one very special Deep Underground Military Base, Dulce. See how the reality of Dulce transpires as he has vetted a serious source, a retired USAF Colonel, who says he can prove he worked at the underground facility.



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