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by Emma Green / US United States

Make an important step and change your lifestyle. Live a healthier life by choosing a Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. But actually, it’s an ancient secret of health. It has been practiced throughout all of human history. In fact, as you may have figured from its name, it’s a dietary pattern where you fast for a definite period of time during the day. Fasting is not something queer and curious, but a part of everyday, normal life.


Intermittent Fasting - Book cover
by Emma Green / US United States

Are you looking for homemade and nutritious recipes that fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule? If you are a working mom this “Meal Prep. Made it Easy” guide is for you. Learn how to feed your children with fresh and flavorful meals while having a limited time for preparation and saving your energy.


Meal Prep: Made it Easy! - Book cover
by Emma Green / US United States

An alkaline diet is a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is a set of simple, but very effective diet and lifestyle principles that will give your digestive system balance and get your body back to its naturally healthy state. How often do you eat quickly, on the run, or late in the evening? And how often do you feel tired, lacking in energy, and have a gassy, bloated stomach? These are sure signs your body is suffering from too much acid.


Alkaline Diet - Book cover
by Emma Green / US United States

Do you know that many people consider inflammation an attack on their body? The truth, however, is that inflammation is a natural process your body uses to protect itself. Usually, inflammation is a result of a number of chemical reactions caused by your body’s hormones to fight infections or rebalance body chemicals. Inflammation and pain are simply signs that there is something wrong with our bodies. This could be an attack by pathogens, nutritional deficiency or excess accumulation of certain nutrients.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Book cover
by Alexander Hamilton / US United States

Use These Powerful Meditation Principles to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Take This as Your First Step Towards Nirvana. Do you feel as if thoughts are uncontrollably swarming into the depths of your mind, night and day? Do you have an abysmal amount of stress that you can never seem to get rid of? Do you constantly waver in anxiety? Do you feel disconnected from all the good things in life and constantly feel as if your mind automatically finds its way back to living negatively?


Meditation - Book cover
by Gretchen Scalpi / US United States

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and many other countries. The obese pay a terrible price for their condition in the form of pre-diabetes or diabetes. Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE believes that a diagnosis of pre-diabetes does not automatically mean a life sentence of diabetes. Two out of three American adults are within a weight range that can be classified as overweight or obese.


The Quick Start Guide To Pre-Diabetes - Book cover
by Vanessa Kittle / US United States

When it comes to dieting the most important thing is to be realistic. If you won't actually stick to the diet you won't lose weight. That is why I call this the 'realist' diet. This cookbook is filled with recipes and meals that will fill you up and keep you satisfied, and all of them are under 300 calories!


Less Than 300 Calorie Meals (book) by Vanessa Kittle
by Carl Preston / US United States

Firstly, I am sorry that you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or know someone who is. The good news is this book has some great tips, recipes and instructions to dramatically improve your quality of life. You may think the road ahead of you is bleak, with too many painful obstacles to face but the truth is much more positive. There are lots of things you can do to ease rheumatoid arthritis, starting today!


The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet - Book cover
by Carl Preston / US United States

Not only does this book detail you with all the information and details you need to both recognize and combat migraine pains, it helps you understand the actual reasons behind a migraine. All it takes to make a considered change to your health and your well-being is to make some very simple lifestyle changes and tips that can prove most effective when you are trying to minimize the pain. Try the ultimate migraine diet!


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